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Through the Woods, Darkly

Tales from the Arch, July 2010

Amy’s tale

On a dark and misty night, there was a girl named Amy. She had golden hair and emerald green eyes. She saw a gate and it shone in the glistening marsh. Beside it a flower, a rainbow and a princess. “This is rainbow magic!” Aurelia, who was a fairy princess, waved her magic wand and made a castle to live in. They stayed in the garden and did some jumping. And the fairy made some dinner and she made a cake. After tea the daisy un-tucked its roots, shuffled over and gave them a cuddle.

Amy’s hair was growing....long, golden – reached her feet – down the road it grew, past the cottage that had once been her home. Looking behind her, she threw the comb over her shoulder. She turned to the castle. Her hand stretched out towards the door latch. Could she – should she – would she go in? (Inside) Jack Frost had a captured a magic pet from fairy land and the ugly sisters were trying on shoes. “Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderella and she had two ugly sisters and a wicked step mother” recited a toad. “I’ can’t believe it!” cried Amy “I’m in a fairytale!”

They lived happily ever after.

Walking in the park

One Summer’s morning Oriana was walking through HC Park. It seemed peculiar to see an elf in lederhosen sing Rule Britannia word perfect. A black and white horse with one blue eye galloped away.

“A hill-full, a hole-full, you cannot catch a bowl-full. But not for long!” (The elf) cackled. And with a swish of his giant umbrella he disappeared over the wall.

“Good-bye, I may meet with you again but also I may not!”

Just at that moment a ray of sunshine penetrated the leaves and illuminated a golden orb. A prince kissed his princess sweetly and tenderly. “When I climb upon my horse” he murmured, “my magic rocking horse....I am a yellow plum”. Oriana’s heart felt like it might burst out of her chest. “The secret” she said to herself, “just say “yes”.

Happily ever after, perhaps!

The Rain Puppy

There was a fairy called Kate and she had a rain puppy. But the rain came to the cows and the little puppy got lost in the forest... it was only when she saw the tail disappear that she knew she must follow.

The path meandered between the tall, towering trees, woven for life, a hedgerow for every season. The white dog shimmered in the moonlight.

So she woke her Dad up and said “I saw a fox in the forest, and I’m scared suddenly.”

“Help me, help me, help me,” said the fox, “or the huntsmen will shoot me dead”.

Slowly the trees creaked, and reached out, their branches snagging on the fusty fur of the fox. The wind rumbled and the trees closed on the fox, then they returned to their dull swaying and the fox had gone. But where was the puppy?

There was a tree growing strong and tall that bore fruit of a hundred different kinds. All kinds of enchatments, of berry and grass, unicorns, the surprise of light in..... forming a shape beyond. A giant gourd composed of many ants, They saw the tree and dug underneath a pile of leaves. And as Kate’s spade dug into the earth, a vivid rainbow sprang out of the ground and shot into the sky.

Suddenly the little girl fell in a deep hole. There was a crash and a flash. “Oh no, I’ve fallen in!”

They’re stuck. How can they get out?

“Help, help!” They shouted.

Mmmmm. The End.

Witch Holiday

Witches get tired of “witching” sometimes, and long for a holiday. The stars shimmered overhead like diamonds; it was a magical night for a trip. The train went all the way to the end of the line at a big beach, where there were lots of passengers waiting to get on. There was another beach at the other end of the track.

One witch paddled her bony feet. And she waited in the darkness, but her bat never came back.

And the tallest, thinnest, darkest witch carried on stirring the huge silver pot with the long, long yellow nail on her long, long, l o n g middle finger, while all around her gleamed in the darkness a thousand pairs of eyes that blinked and stared and blinked and stared and stared at the witch, and her pot and her long, long, l o n g yellow nail.

An old woman prodded her grandson. “Isn’t that a bit old to believe in witches, Sonny?” And the grandma tried kung fu and broke her leg.

“I’ll never stamp on any creature ever again”, said an old man, as he slipped down a frog’s throat.

The End

Once upon a time, upon a time, upon a time, or third time lucky?

Once upon a time, upon a time, upon a time, or third time lucky? Two meet three times – or is it by chance?

And the willow wood arch unfolded to reveal a place of magic and delight and much laughter and love.

She shimmered in the soft moonlight, and her smile lit up the dark owl-haunted grove. And the devil played distorted rhythms on her heart strings and the red notes flew over her head. The dancing lasted long after midnight.

She ran and ran until she got the end. A stop where she could look up and see spears of moonlight. Suddenly she looked round and she wasn’t there.

The faster she ran the louder the sound became. A wild high pitched sound wailing, whistling rhythmically. It possessed her and she danced the night away until she fell on the moist, mossy earth and slept.

She opened her eyes and found that she was sitting on a beautiful Eastern carpet, gliding through the air, straight for the steeple.

“Wow” said Annabelle. “That was the best day of my life!”

And by and by came the sound of a bell chiming and she knew it was time for her to.... stop. And as she wandered through the town she began to feel that this was a place she would like to be for a very long time.

The End

Tim, Billy and Pirate Boy

Once upon a time there was a poor pirate boy who had three wishes.

Once upon a time there was a boy called Tim who used to stay in hospital.

And once upon a time there was a little boy named Billy who had no sisters or brothers.

Hey Hobo Man, Hey Dapper Dan!

One day Billy was walking in the woods when suddenly... he heard a noise. Three lost children in local woods! Life would never be the same again.

“Forget reality, face the facts” said the pink fairy, and went to pick raspberries and meet Bob the Builder.

Anyway...Billy was frightened by the terrible screams, and shouts of thunder, lightning and rain!

Suddenly he heard a voice saying, “Come to me, Billy”. Billy was scared – he wished he was home safe and snug in his bed, but there was no turning back. He could see red eyes coming towards him.

Hey Hobo Man, Hey Dapper Dan!

Here comes Tim. “I was sprinting away from a terrible monster when suddenly...crash. I was stuck in a gigantic hole! Tim drew his sword and with a mighty SLASH, he killed the troll.

After such a scary encounter they moved slowly forward inch by inch. Then they ran through the dark woods as the fragile floor collapsed behind them. They stopped, they were trapped, surely they would be killed, when suddenly...

Hey Hobo Man, Hey Dapper Dan!

The pirate boy looked into the dragon’s eyes, took a deep breath and drew out his gleaming cutlass. Will the dragon live?

Dun dun dun....

They got blasted out of the beast’s meandering body in a stream of goo. But the wings, when they stretched out, were fragile and broken. There was no way they could fly. This was many moons ago...when they jetted through the woods and meandered past the trees as they were chased, when suddenly...

Hey Hobo Man, Hey Dapper Dan!

Saturday Billy met his new friends. Sunday was his special day because he met Doctor Who! He did have friends! AND Doctor Who, Amy and Rory. No matter what day, it was Sunday. OK.

After their day out they decided never to go to the woods again.

Yo! Help! The End.

Moon Tree, by Nigel Felton age 69

She ran to the woods without a coat
Lured by the scent of the Moon Trees fruit
That amazes the nose and tingles the throat
Night time blooming, secret root.

The pallid moths showed her the way
A glow worm path to lead her feet
Running toward or running away
From family hearth and toadstool seat

Never go to the woods without a coat
Her mother advised, her father said
And never, ever talk to the stoat
Who offers you berries and a grassy bed.

So when they searched the following day
Over and under and all around
Why was it, in that woodland hay
Her brand new coat was all they found?

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