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Last October, sculptor Tom Lomax brought his exhibition ‘A Week of Angels’ to Rook Lane Chapel. A combination of bronzes, 3D prints, maquettes and 2D prints – his colourful work was seeped with mythological references and enlightening concepts.

Inspired by the exhibition, Rose Flint lead a poetry workshop – using the angel sculptures as a starting point.

She has kindly given me permission to post her poem here:


It flies at the power
of meteorites but slow

falling folded
into our humanness
making dull thunders
lighting undersides of weathers
comes falling folded dark
as basalt
closer closer
it takes on eyes hands

an inner twin of Good

It has come to make right
the little lies
that alter parametres of love

It grows transparent as it falls
folded into our humanness
layer on layer
thinned through our desires
parched wings-webbed
light threaded

It will sit on my palm
heavy as Mars
containing its own explosion

and I must lean close to receive
its shocking perfume
of iron and ether

lean close to receive
its ferocious prayer of fire
star-shell breaking
my bound heart open.

Rose FlintĀ©

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