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Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath

Saturday 2nd December

2pm until 4pm

Join us as we celebrate the approach of winter and the Full Moon in Gemini which birthed this week. We meet at the beautiful Rook Lane Chapel in Frome, Somerset for a Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath on Saturday 2 December, 2 – 4pm. Come and enjoy this special connection as Cacao Carrier and Intuitive Health Coach Ali Hutchinson and Sound Healer Jae Garaway lead you on a journey to find your heart and connect with yourself through sound and cacao.

Ali and Jae will guide you on an intuitive journey with ceremonial grade cacao as you are immersed in the sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls and Tibetan singing bowls, koshi chimes, percussion and gong.

Traditionally, the onset of winter is marked at the Winter Solstice later in the month but this magical ceremony will highlight the turn in the season allowing us to release and let go of the autumn and make way for winter reflections, ambitions and dreams. The energy at this time of year tends to turn inwards as the nights draw in and the days shorten. We might feel the need to hunker down and settle in for the winter allowing us the time to look back to the ideas we planted at the start of the year and ahead to when the year comes to a close.

Our ceremonial journey will begin with heart opening cacao and we’ll breathe into the ides and reflections that come up for us, allowing for deep healing and personal realisations to come forward.

Ceremonial Cacao is chocolate in its rawest, purest form, a ceremonial drink. Known as Mama Cacao for her heart opening warmth, drinking her is like being wrapped in a warm hug. As she works through your body and psyche the sound bath will encourage your body into deep relaxation enabling you to release any blockages and tension that you may be holding. Your mind will be encouraged to release any stressful thoughts and emotions you have been storing in the body as you drop into a relaxed and peaceful state.

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, bolster, blanket and eye pillow or anything else you need to ensure that you are warm and comfortable for our ceremony.

Contradindications for participation in the sound bath: pregnancy, please message for further information, people with pacemakers, stents or shunts, sufferers of epilepsy or severe mental health issues. If you have any other health issues and concerns about your participation, please message before booking.

Book via this evenbrite link and email or whats app Ali 07973843020, for more info or to explore how cacao and sound might benefit.

Follow Ali on Instagram for further intuitive guidance and healing –

Follow Jae on Instagram for further sound journeys @selkiesoundhealing

If you prefer to make a direct payment via Bacs or Paypal please message Ali by emailing or whats app 07973 843020.

For further dates that we’ll be holding in person cacao ceremonies, sound baths and sister circles in Frome in Somerset, message us.

I never want cost to prevent people from exploring their mind, body, spirit connection, please get in touch if you require a subsidised ticket.


Book via this evenbrite link and email or whats app Ali 07973843020, for more info or to explore how cacao and sound might benefit. Tickets are £26

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