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Mark Carr: Suppression

Friday 6th September - Saturday 14th September

10am until 4pm Tuesday - Saturday // Private View 6 - 9pm on Thursday 5th September

The act of ‘suppression’ is ever present in our society: from the very intimate, internal even, to the public political structure through which we live our lives. This site specific exhibition  invites the viewer to explore and question the idea of suppression, by bringing their own personal story and viewpoint to the work, then allowing it to take them on a journey of discovery.

Rook Lane Chapel consists of two very distinct and different spaces: the beautifully restored early 18th century chapel and the very modern gallery space to the rear. Each resonates with their own ambience: the chapel reverberating with history, politics and religion, in contrast to the gallery which is modern, intimate and clean. Multidisciplinary artist Mark Carr has  created two very distinct sets of work, each with an accompanying video projection.

“The chapel houses a large triptych of paintings, nine accompanying woodcuts and a video projection. The work in this room contains undeniable political, social and religious references, all held together with a nuance of humour. Here, the historical and visual influences of Hogarth, Goya and the 17th and 18th century Pamphleteers on my work are evident and clear. However, more subtle references to the murals of Diego Rivera and the humour in the ‘post pop-art’ work of Philip Guston should also be mentioned.

The work housed in the gallery, three acrylic paintings on canvas and a video projection, is a very intimate and personal portrayal of my own experience of suppression. Visually they are stark and have direct pictorial links to the work of Frances Bacon and the Viennese Secession artists.

Finally, artists such as Elizabeth Price (2012 Turner prize winner) have brought video art back to the forefront of contemporary fine art. For me, an important move, as this genre of work is often overlooked; a strange phenomenon considering the moving image plays such an integral part in our modern world. I therefore would ask visitors to view the video work included in the exhibition, as an integral part of the ‘Artwork’.”



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