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Saturday 30th March - Saturday 6th April

10am - 4pm Tuesday - Saturday // Private View 6pm - 9pm on Friday 29th March

The nature of being and the world around us prompts two basic questions in the broadest possible terms: What is there? What is it like?

Steve Clarkson and Richard Falle both question how the world and objects around them can be perceived, either literally using modern technologies like CT scanning and 3D laser scanning, or through photorealist vector drawings.

The works in the exhibition explore the potential to view objects in new, thought provoking ways. Steve Clarkson’s work begins with modern technologies as a source, forming images and sculptures that react to relationships of marks through layers and transparency. Richard Falle’s work pushes preconceived ideas of vector-based imagery to create disquieting still lives of cartoonish absurdity.



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