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Mr Rook’s Speak Easy presents…Rebranding Beelzebub

Thursday 28th April

Doors 7pm//7:30pm

Tim Ralphs shines a spotlight on Him Downstairs in a show shaped by razor wit, diabolical horror, absurd confessions and humour fit for the unholy ghost. Rebranding Beelzebub takes Tim’s innovative re-imaginings of traditional tales to another level as he exhumes the bones of old Devil stories and stitches them a new skin. This grand collection spans supermarket stalls, urban sprawls, mad drunken preachers and widow’s sons. Darkly humorous with disturbing turns and a distinct whiff of sulphur.


Tickets £6/4 advance, £7/5 on the door
Suitable for ages 12+

Tickets available here.

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