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Photo|Frome – Joss Barrett & Martin Wade ‘Photography Mean Anything?’ Talk

Tuesday 12th July

Doors 7pm Talk from 7.30pm

Joss and Martin will debate the meaning of photography, in an interactive discussion. Audience participation is not only welcome but needed!

About this event

In ‘Does Photography Still Mean Anything?’, Joss and Martin will debate the meaning of photography, in an interactive discussion, moderated by Mick Yates. Audience participation is not only welcome but needed! The hope is that as a group, and maybe more importantly, as individuals, we ask ourselves whether, in a world so awash with images taken by so-called professionals and amateurs alike, covering every aspect of life, it’s all become rather meaningless. Is there anything new to say? Or do we just say the same things over again with different technologies and effects? And does that matter? Is this not what every age has struggled with?

Joss Barratt is a professional photographer primarily shooting stills for the film and television industry. Originally a photojournalist, his quick eye for storytelling pictures blends a personal approach with the particular demands of film sets and varied commercial assignments. He has worked with many different directors including Michael Winterbottom, Shane Meadows and has worked on over 20 films with Ken Loach. ‘My pictures can arrive from any quiet moment or take a team of stylists, art directors and technicians to produce a simple portrait.’ There is a slideshow of Joss’s work here.

Martin Wade is a photographer who works principally in black and white using analog materials and old 5×4 or 10×8 inch film cameras necessitating tripods and some time to set up. He does not work commercially, photography being more of a meditation when not working. He does not specialise in any particular genre although some know him for his Vanitas and Nature Morte or Still-lifes utilising bones, found objects, etc.


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