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SAW presents… Artists Sue Palmer and Hannah Still discuss art and gardens.

Thursday 3rd October

Doors at 6:30pm // Talk from 7pm

‘Meet me in a garden in a mind’ – Hannah Still

Hannah Still will consider the architectural courtyard and its dual role as both a space for seclusion or intimate conversation, and a public meeting place or court, a place where something is at stake. Some of these thoughts pertain directly to the artist’s experience working on a large-scale landscape architecture project. Others are more tangential, mirroring the process by which activity in a garden invites speculative thoughts, daydreams and associative connections. Gardens and their cultivation represent vigorous power structures. The presentation will attempt to visualise and question some of these positions.

Hannah Still is an artist living and working in Bristol. Her work is often concerned with questions around the form and status of the image, and the social structures inherent in image making.

 Hannah Still’s website

 ‘Flowers, where is the garden’ – Sue Palmer

Sue Palmer has made a new screen and print based commission as part of the Somerset Art Works’ Abundance Garden Trail. The work is about Hadspen Garden, gardened by Penelope Hobhouse and then by Nori and Sandra Pope, and closing to the public in 2005.  The work considers the relationship between the gardener and the garden, and the dispersal of a garden into other gardens through seeding, division, memory, image, love. The talk will share the context for making this work and explore how a garden can become the mental and imaginative property of its visitors. It will also include other related artist-garden projects.

Sue Palmer is a contemporary artist making live performance, sound, video and digital artworks, often through collaborative work with people.  Her particular interest is in art made in relation to nature and cultivation.

Sue Palmer’s website

Images (c) Sue Palmer


Tickets are £5, available on 01458 253800

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