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Photo Frome Exhibition

Sunday 26th June - Wednesday 13th July

Daily 10am to 4pm Cafe will be open.

This exhibition showcases 7 very different contemporary practitioners. It features the never-before exhibited music photography of.

Danny North, from iconic images of Blur and the last tours of Oasis to today’s U2, Muse, Dave Grohl, and The 1975.

Olga Karlovac’s mysterious but alluring black and white portrayals of her native Croatia are atmospheric and rich with emotion.

For a year, John Angerson had unprecedented access to the astronauts of the NASA Space Shuttle STS-72 mission as they trained.

Hanna-Katrina Jędrosz is showing, for the first time, her extensive documentation of the European Green Belt along the former Iron Curtain borderlands, from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. Being out of-bounds to civilians for decades, dividing east from west, this paradoxically enabled wildlife to flourish.

Dramatic street portraiture of strangers in East London by Trinidad-born Robert Huggins is complemented by poetry, celebrating the diversity of that great city.

Vanessa Fairfax-Woods’s unique visual perspectives on the role of women invites us to reconsider what we think we know. ‘and so, I act cold’ highlights the frustrations, absurdity and fragility of not showing one’s true self.

Aljoscha is a Ukrainian-Russian artist whose practice spans drawing, painting, sculpture,and spatial installation. He creates biomorphic maquettes called ‘bioisms’. The workhad to pass multiple checkpoints before being installed in 13 Ukrainian asylums and special schools as beacons of hope in the 2022 conflict.

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Free Event, WHY will be fundraising by operating the cafe from Monday 27th June until  Wednesday 13th July.

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